Preparing your book for publication

After writing and compiling your manuscript, we strongly advise you to use the services of an independent editor to prepare the book for pre-press and final publication. While we provide a first proof for all manuscripts submitted as part of the service, Modus also offers independent editorial and proofing services.

We understand that costing your project is of paramount importance and so Modus offers a selection of templates that include page size, typeface and font sizes including style sheets. Each text template gives an approximate word count per page in order to form an approximate cost of your book for print and publication.

Publishing charges

The following is a list of publishing and pre-press charges for UK based projects:

(* depends on number of pages, ** depends on number of images and any stock images purchased)

  • ISBN, registration of book title, preparation of metadata for distribution services, + inclusion into Ingrams international marketing network + registration with Neilsen’s marketing network: £370
  • Layout of book and first draft: from* £400
  • Cover design: from** £200
  • Subsequent drafts on book proofs received: from £150 a draft
  • Subsequent drafts on cover proofs received: from £75 a draft
  • Image manipulation and insertion – per image: £5
  • Image scan from print – per image: £10
  • Stock image purchase and license – per image: from £35
  • Proof copy including shipping copy: from £15

Optional extras:

  • Editorial services: from £300
  • Additional proofing: from £150
  • E-book: 50p per page
  • Shipping review books: cost of book + £5 a copy

Your book in print

Print and delivery

(UK Only)

The printing cost depends on paper, black and white, or colour, trim size, quantity and shipping. Modus Books’ first shipment is always 100 copies. Subsequent deliveries can be of any amount you choose – from a single copy onwards.

For example — Trim size: 216x140mm

Interior paper: Black and white – white or cream paper (50lb /74gsm)

Binding type: Paperback, perfect bound

Laminate type: Gloss (Matt option at same price)

Page count: 300 pages

Initial order quantity: 100 copies (+ 10 folio copies)

Total cost including delivery to a single UK address: £514

Additional orders of published title (print & delivered): 1 copy = £8.80 (£8.80 each), 10 copies = £55.00 (£5.50 each).

Selling your book

Cover Price and Author and Publisher’s Compensation

Before setting the cover price, consider the Publisher Compensation and the Author Compensation. This is vital for getting your title onto online shops such as Amazon or into retail bookshops. A typical wholesale discount would be 50%. Much less than that and some retailers will not carry it.

For example, if your title (as shown in the example above) is listed for £11.99, the compensation would be around £1.45. However, if the book is listed for £14.99, the compensation to the author would be around £2.42. The amounts shown here take in the print costs and delivery.

An option is to have unsold books returned to you but this would add to the cost.


Placing an order

When you have your manuscript ready for production, contact us and we will send you a form to fill to help us integrate with your project. The form has options for trim sizes, layouts, paper type, finishing options, quantities, number of words, number of images, delivery address, any extra copies you would like.

Once you have submitted the order, a Publishing Agreement will be sent to you. The Publishing Agreement ensures that the author is responsible for all copyright for the content of the title. The Agreement will also state the amount that the Author will receive on sales of printed and e-books.

On receiving the form and agreement, we will send you a link to drop your text and image files. We will also send you a link for payment for the initial design and layout and first draft.

After all subsequent corrections have been made, we will send you a final quote and agreement, for print and delivery and/or ebook, as this will depend on the final extent of the book and the finishing and paper options you have chosen. Please complete and return the agreement. We will send you an invoice and when payment has been made, allow at least 21 working days for delivery for all printed material.

Modus Books will ensure that a copy is delivered to the British Library and to any of the other 5 national libraries that request a copy. This service is included in the overall publishing service.

Please note that we reserve the right to reject any book or content that we feel is unsuitable for inclusion within our publishing framework.

For further information please contact us.